Financial Times - 8 April 2017

The Financial Times

8 April 2017

The man who brought his dodo obsession to London’s collectors in 2015 is now throwing his weight behind unicorns. The Islamic art dealer Oliver Hoare opens the second iteration of his predominantly selling exhibition Every Object Tells a Story at 5 Cromwell Place in London from May 4. The 400 pieces from about 3000BC to 2016 included items related to what most believe to be a mythical beast.

Hoare begs to differ, coining the term “unicorn-deniers” in the catalogue, which is due to go online this week. Among the items is a 2.07 meter “Unicorn’s Horn” (northern Europe, 1427-1618), priced at £55,000. For the deniers out there, more believable objects include a 16th-century engraving, “The Unicorn Purifies the Water with his Horn” by Jean Duvet (£52,000), and an onyx sculpture of a unicorn by Michael Cooper (2016, £17,000).

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