Arts of Asia - September 2015

Arts of Asia Magazine

September 2015
Barbara Harding

In my view the most fascinating of London’s summer events was the eclectic gathering of treasures assembled by Oliver Hoare and entitled Every Object Tells a Story. This show was presented in the elegant venue of 33 Fitzroy Square from 6th May to 26th June. In his early twenties Hoare became Christie’s first Islamic Art expert and in this role his area of expertise stretched from Spain to China. His Exhibition included a wealth of treasures from this vast area.

I especially admired the 13th Dalia Lama’s double bass (he was an avid jazz enthusiast); an array of coco-de-mer containers, including a wonderful example carved in Burma; a Chinese 17th century foot-massager; and the first European plans of Mecca and Medina (1664 1680 AD). In addition there were curiosities and rarities of all kinds from the natural world, including a bone of the Dodo and a lovely green jade pebble from Khotan, China.

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