Arts of Asia - Feb 2017

Arts of Asia Magazine

February 2017
Robin Markbreiter, Publisher and Editor

I am now looking forward to several spectacular and enjoyable art events in the months ahead, and would like to mention two shows in particular. Oliver Hoare will be presenting a new edition of “Every Object Tells a Story”, a public exhibition on view from May 4th to July 5th, 2017 at 5 Cromwell Place, London. The exhibition comprises approximately 400 unusual and interesting objects spanning five millennia that represent multiple civilisations; each has been carefully selected on the basis of its backstory and historical interest.

Highlights include a 13th century silver drinking vessel bearing the seal of Mongke Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan and ruler of the Mongol dynasty at its peak; an exceptional group of objects from the Indus Valley civilisation, probably the finest in private hands; a silver skull pomander believed to have been owned by King James II; a rare group of votive figures from ancient Bactria; a 2000-year old Mexican stargazer; and there are also sections dedicated to magic, sex, myths, meteorites and unicorns.

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