The Evening Standard

24 December 2015
Ruth Guilding

Best art and design books from 2015

Once upon a time the richest, most learned men of Europe – those for whom gold, jewels and horses held no great allure – collected together cabinets of the strangest, most ancient, rare and magical objects from around the world.  Their collections were status symbols, each unique piece an emblem of wealth, sophistication and connoisseurship.

Oliver Hoare is a dealer in these rarities and their stories, a hunter and courtier among the oil-rich potentates of the Middle East with the gifts of Scheherazade, peddling the bizarre stories of a rare flightless parrot, a dodo, some erotic scrimshaw collected by whalers and a wooden phallus given to Bruce Chatwin in Benin by the great granddaughter of the 103-year-old King Sagbadjou.

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Arts of Asia - September 2015

Arts of Asia Magazine

September 2015
Barbara Harding

In my view the most fascinating of London’s summer events was the eclectic gathering of treasures assembled by Oliver Hoare and entitled Every Object Tells a Story. This show was presented in the elegant venue of 33 Fitzroy Square from 6th May to 26th June. In his early twenties Hoare became Christie’s first Islamic Art expert and in this role his area of expertise stretched from Spain to China. His Exhibition included a wealth of treasures from this vast area.

I especially admired the 13th Dalia Lama’s double bass (he was an avid jazz enthusiast); an array of coco-de-mer containers, including a wonderful example carved in Burma; a Chinese 17th century foot-massager; and the first European plans of Mecca and Medina (1664 1680 AD). In addition there were curiosities and rarities of all kinds from the natural world, including a bone of the Dodo and a lovely green jade pebble from Khotan, China.

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World of Interiors -July 2015

World of Interiors

July 2015

Oliver’s Hoard

An exquisite selection of objects, mostly from the lands along the Silk Route, comes together in an exhibition curated by Oliver Hoare. From the first European depictions of Mecca to the Dalai Lama’s double bass, the curiosities reflect many of the antique dealer’s passions and carry histories that illuminate a person, event or place. Christopher Gibbs introduces rarities ‘that sing, startle, make you smile and think.’

Come to Fitzroy Square, treat yourself to the enthralling catalogue, and open your eyes and your senses to this cornucopia of delights.

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Country Life - 10 June 2015

Country Life

10 June 2015
Huon Mallalieu

Such stuff as dreams are made on

The weird and the wonderful have a strange allure and could ‘brown’ be beautiful again?

When I visited Oliver Hoare’s fascinating show ‘Every Object Tells a Story’ at 33, Fitzroy Square W1 (until June 26), I half expected to hear that a contemporary from our early days at Christie’s had been one of the first buyers. Among the assembled works of art and curiosities is a group of 19th century erotic scrimshaw, of which one is engraved with his family motto; the accompanying crest would certainly not have been acceptable to the College of Heralds. If he had heard of it, he would have been too late, as Oliver had already sold the group as one collection.

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The Times - 30 May 2015

The Times - 30 May 2015

30 May 2015
Huon Malalieu

Feel vibes of Dalai Lama’s Double Bass

Oliver Hoare loves and tells good stories. A private dealer, he collects collectors as well supplying them with antiquities, curiosities and works of art. Long ago. when he and I were boys at Christie’s, he set up the auctioneer’s first Islamic department, but while the Islamic arts remain at the core of his expertise, his interests now span the globe.

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Time Out London - 5 May 2015

Time Out

May 2015

Every Object Tells A Story: A Cabinet of Curiosities

Over 250 objects have been selected for their extraordinary backstories and historical significance in this fascinating show that covers the past 5,000 years. Celebrating the bizarre context rather than the value of these objects, which include a rare dodo bone, a wooden phallus and a jade pebble, curator Oliver Hoare wants to question what is considered beautiful and culturally important.

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Antique Gazette - 1 May 2015

Antique Gazette - May 2015

May 2015

Hoare displays his diverse hoard spanning 5,000 years of History

The collection of an enthusiast with a truly eclectic eye is something to behold.

One such collector is Oliver Hoare, who founded Christie’s Islamic art department, leaving in 1975 to become an independent art dealer specialising in Islamic Art.

Now he puts his own diverse collection of 250 objects and works of art from the past 5,000 years on display, in an exhibition titled Every Object Tells a Story, from May 6 to June 26 at 33 Fitzroy Square, in London’s Bloomsbury.

“The point of the exhibition, as its title announces, is to celebrate the fascinating and often peculiar stories attached to works of art,” says Oliver.

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The Telegraph

31 March 2015
Colin Gleadell

Indulging his love of the Middle East

Oliver Hoare, the Islamic art dealer best known as advisor to the late Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed bin Ali al-Thani of Qatar during an eight-year, $2.5 billion (£1.7 billion) shopping spree, is to hold an exhibition of objects he has either collected himself or borrowed… Entitled Every Object Tells a Story, it promises to intrigue and stimulate.

His enthusiasm for the Middle East was first aroused as an art history student at the Sorbonne in the Sixties. This led to exploratory travels in the region before finding employment at Christie’s in 1967.

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