132 • Nephrite Jade Libation Lotus Cup

Ming Dynasty
Size: 10 cm high × 11 cm wide

This translucent pale green lotus libation cup has been made very skilfully in the form of a lotus flower with its branches curled under to form its base.  A mussel shell can also be seen attached to the exterior side of the cup.  The skin of this jade cup has an ‘orange peel’ effect on its surface. In the early Mughal period, Mughal emperors Akbar and Jahangir were fascinated by Chinese jade carving and Mughal jade was also appreciated by Chinese royalty. A similar example of a lotus jade cup which once belong to Jahangir is now preserved in the Varanasi India museum and is inscribed with the name and titles of Jahangir and dated 1617 AD (AH 1025).