41 Bob Dylan Poster

41 • A Bob Dylan Poster

USA, 1966
89 × 61 cm (framed)
Offset lithograph on white wove paper
with original folds to fit into a vinyl record

Among the most iconic images of poster art – and arguably the most famous image of Bob Dylan himself – this poster was designed by Milton Glaser, considered America’s most revered graphic designer, commissioned by Colombia Records to include as a fold-out in their March 1967 Greatest Hits release.

At first glance it perfectly illustrates a man who was at the time – in his own words – ‘in an arena artistically that no-one else had been in before. Ever.’ but who was also an enigma, not just frustratingly so for journalists, but also himself: ‘I didn’t know where it was coming from.’

Glaser’s inspiration came – not from Dylan’s signature unruly head of hair – but from Marcel Duchamp’s 1958 Self-portrait, a simple cut-out of his silhouette which Glaser recalls ‘floored him’ as a teenager. He invented a typeface for the single word, bottom right: Dylan.