A Baglama made by Semsi Yastiman

19 • A Baglama made by Semsi Yastiman

Turkey, 1966
121 cm long
Bowl & neck: hornbeam
Face & soundboard: spruce
Cheeks: walnut
Triangular bindings: ebony, bone
Marquetry: resin

Semsi Yastiman was born on 10 July 1923 and died exactly 71 years later to the day, in 1994. He picked up his first instrument – a saz – when he was six years old and soon become a renowned master on long-necked Anatolian lutes, such as this uzun sap (long-necked) baglama. He was famous for his folk songs, his lyrics and his talent to entertain; still today his name is revered by Turks and his instruments are the most sought after of their kind.