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257 • The Cottel Sisters’ Spoons

Not illustrated
Jamestown, Massachusetts, 17th–18th century
Size: 19 cm long
Buffalo horn

In 1607, three ships carrying 104 men landed at a place they called Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the New World. Surprisingly, they named the place after the English King James I, who had forced them to cross the Atlantic to practise their Puritan faith freely. Thirteen years later, 102 settlers aboard the Mayflower landed in Massachusetts at a place they called Plymouth, and with these two colonies, English settlement in North America was born. The Cottels were a prominent Jamestown family, and the names of their three daughters, Eliza, Jane and Emma, each engraved on a handle, followed by ‘Jamestown Mass’, express the family’s pride in their hometown, their neat homestead, and their avoidance of luxury.