95 • A Group of Ancient Seals

Ancient Bactria and Indus Valley,
3rd millennium BC

a. Circular with a figure of a monkey, bronze. Size: 6.5 cm diameter
b. Circular with geometric design, bronze. Size: 4 cm diameter
c. Rectangular with two geometric designs, green schist. Size: 6 × 5 cm
d. A flying bird, bronze. Size: 4 cm long
e. A goat, bronze. Size: 4.5 cm long
f. A human figure with possible erection, bronze. Size: 4.5 cm high
g. A four branch cross, silver. Size: 5 cm across
h. A standing figure, bronze. Size: 4 cm high
i. A ruler seated on his throne, faience. Size: 4 cm diameter
j. A man struggling with a winged raptor; two winged beasts, bronze. Size: 3.5 cm square
k. A scene of sodomy, bronze. Size: 2.5 cm square