73 • Bronze Skeleton of a Dodo

73 • Bronze Skeleton of a Dodo

Cast in 2000
Size: 70 cm high
Pangolin Editions

It was the idea of Dr. Carl Jones, Director of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, to recreate lost species in bronze. His idea was realised in conjunction with Rungwe Kingdon and Claude Koenig, directors of the Pangolin Editions sculpture foundry at Chalford, near Stroud. An astonishing amount of research went into the recreation of each animal and bird. While no complete skeleton of a Dodo survives, enough bones exist from different specimens to have enabled Rungwe to make casts with which to assemble the entire skeleton. The result is testimony to his profound knowledge of the natural world, combined with his unparalleled skill in casting bronze.

Exhibited: ‘Bones to Bronze, Extinct Species of the Mascarene Islands’, 2004.

On loan to the exhibition.

Photograph (c) Steve Russell Studios courtesy Gallery Pangolin