Not illustrated

68 • Shunga from the Album ‘Imayo Irokumi No Ito’ from the series ‘Entwined Coloured Threads of Men and Women of the Present Day’

Not illustrated
Japan, late 1780s
Size: 25 × 37.5 cm
Unsigned; with a collector’s seal
H.V. Oban yoko-e, beni-girai

Henri Vever (1854–1943) was a jeweller by profession, and an extraordinary collector in many fields. He was among the first Europeans to develop a serious fascination for Japanese art, becoming the lynchpin of a group of Parisian collectors who got together every month for over thirty years to share their insights and enthusiasm. Vever was the main contributor to the major Paris exhibitions from 1909 to 1914, and many of his masterpieces were illustrated in the first books on the subject of Japanese prints.

Provenance: Henri Vever Collection, Sotheby’s, October 30th 1997, lot 108.

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