Tuesday 20th June, 2017

An Evening with Professor Bopearachchi

Adjunct Professor of Central and South Asian Art, Archaeology & Numismatics, University of California, Berkeley.

During the exhibition Professor Bopearachchi delivered a short lecture on a unique gold gilded bronze pectoral from 6th century AD depicting Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. He also discussed a series of objects from the exhibition which illustrate the connection between Indus Valley civilisation and Ancient Bactria. This is a little known story of great interest.

26 Writers
26 Writers

‘Every object tells a story’ is an extraordinary exhibition at Storytellers. It displays the latest collection of work gathered by Oliver Hoare, one of London’s most distinguished dealers in art objects and curiosities. Our writers chose objects at the exhibition, found their stories and told them in the form of a sestude. Other 26 writers, in different parts of the country, were invited to take part by choosing and writing about their own objects. Our aim was to show that every object tells a story. We met in the morning to choose our objects, wrote our sestudes by lunchtime and had this website published by the end of the day.

“I had such a lovely morning and could have spent all day listening to the stories of every single object. I will be back for more.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed today, what lovely people, what lovely things … I can’t believe I was there!”

“What treasure we created in a morning! And what treasures are sitting in the crown room of 5 Cromwell Place. Thank you again for letting us enjoy them … such a privilege to take part.”

“Such a fabulous exhibition – I’m sure all of us could have written about every single object given enough time. I feel privileged to have been involved and a chance to meet such wonderful people.”

“It all worked beautifully and was a truly memorable 26 event – a real highlight in our 14 year history … thank you Oliver for making it possible.”

Read the stories here

Tuesday 4 May, 2017

Press Morning

We were thrilled to start the exhibition hosting a breakfast for members of the press with Professor Osmund Bopearachchi joining us to lend his expertise.